Vade-mecum for the drafter of specifications – Public contracts for translation and interpretation services

The Belgian Quality Translation Association (BQTA) and the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters (CBTI) have joined forces to produce a guide for public authorities that write and publish calls for tender in this industry. The Vade Mecum for Authors of Tender Specifications is the result of unprecedented collaboration between two branches of the same sector which have sometimes been seen as rivals, but which both understand that the entire profession can gain from such a partnership.

To that end, the BQTA and CBTI decided to produce this guide to help authorities write their calls for tender by listing the factors that contribute to a high-quality translation. In it, they detail the different types of services available to the contracting authority, stipulate those essential items that must feature in the specifications and clearly and concisely explain the relevant quality standards for the translation market.

  • To download the Vade-mecum on Translation Services, click on this link.
  • To download the Vade-mecum for Conference Interpreting Services , click on this link.
  • Appendices are also available below.

The Vademecum is accompanied by annexes, which may be updated regularly, and which include the following documents

  1. Introduction – Updated: October 2021 (only available in French and Dutch)
  2. Sample Terms of Reference – Updated: October 2021 (only available in French and Dutch)
  3. Test Translations & Methodology Working Group – Updated: October 2021
  4. Library – Updated: October 2021

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