Through their membership of BQTA, our members confirm that they do business in accordance with the principles of the BQTA Charter, which means that they are translation companies able to offer their clients integrated multilingual services while using and promoting best practices in all aspects of their activities:

– operate as professional organizations
– managed according to high professional and ethical standards
– guaranteeing continuity through financial stability
– adequately equipped in technology, human resources and logistics.
– deliver high quality translations
– performed by carefully selected language professionals, all of them native speakers
– supported by documented processes and standardized quality procedures
– coordinated and monitored by effective project management teams
– offer the highest sttandards of service, confidentiality, communication and client support.


BQTA is the Belgian member of EUATC – European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. The EUATC was founded in 1994 to represent translation companies at the European level. EUATC members are national associations of translation companies, not individual companies. They currently represent 19 European countries, including a few non-EU countries such as Switzerland and Turkey.

Within the EU agencies, EUATC is widely recognised as the most if not the only representative organization for translation companies in Europe. As such it actively participates in a number of initiatives organized or patronized by the European Commission and other EU institutions.Β 

Each member affiliated to the EUATC appoints two representatives to attend EUATC meetings and to participate in the discussions and activities of this highly regarded European organization. Historically BQTA has been one of the most active members of EUATC. This has again been confirmed on 3rd May 2013 when BQTA hosted the 8th International EUATC Conference in Brussels.


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