BQTA is the association of translation companies in Belgium. Its aim is to promote and maintain contacts among translation companies and to safeguard the interests of its members with regard to companies and institutions on subjects related to the translation sector within the translation sector, whilst observing a strict code of ethics.
BQTA members discuss common problems encountered by translation companies, and together try to find solutions that benefit all their members and companies operating in the translation sector. Quality assurance and work processes are key topics of BQTA meetings.
Generally, the meetings are held on a rotational basis at the offices of its members.
The annual membership fee amounts to 375 euro.
Nothing. We are all volunteers who, out of a sense of passion and dedication, have decided to devote some of our time to informing and training translation companies and safeguarding their interests for free, in a bid to underline the importance of quality in our sector and in current and future markets.
BQTA members have a proven track record of financial stability, quality deliverables and solid client service. By choosing to work with a BQTA member, customers acknowledge the importance of reliability, consistency and a long term relationship with their translation partner.
While both translation companies and individual translators are capable of delivering translations that meet the customer’s needs, there is a clear difference between the two. Translation companies distinguish themselves by offering a structure which guarantees long-term consistency and availability, as well as a comprehensive coordination service that allows them to offer complete projects which combine the actual translation service with layout, localisation, engineering, printing and other tasks that the customer requires. Whether customers are better served by a translation company or by an individual freelance translator therefore depends on the type of service they require.
Translation companies should be able to tailor their service to your needs. No translator is specialised in all fields. One of the key tasks of the translation company is therefore to select the right translation resource for your type of content. You can expect professional project management from your translation company contact in line with your expectations, in response to the ever increasing complexity of translation projects. From clear and prompt quotations to regular status updates and proven quality assurance processes.


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